Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let Me Sleep

Yesterday was good to me,
But then I broke her heart.
We tried to stay together,
But I always come apart.

And I know that I've done wrong,
But there's time to set it right -
Lord, let me sleep tonight.

Today withdrew the dagger,
But there's still a gaping hole.
Now my blood is full of poison,
But I'm empty in my soul;

So I smile like the future,
But inside I'm so uptight.
Lord, let me sleep tonight.

Let me stagger in the beauty
Of a night so vast and deep.
Let me stumble through the city streets
When all the world's asleep.

Let me linger at the window
Of a dream I loved before...
Once again I'm dragged from slumberland,
Awake and out the door.

Tomorrow tears her bitter rags
Of guilt and shame and tears.
I would say it's all in fun
But I've been wearing them for years;

And I know I've walked in shadow,
But I'm reaching for the light.
Lord, let me sleep tonight,

Lord, let me sleep tonight.

08/28/05 copyright Jeremy David Kaufman, Slumberbird Music

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