Thursday, March 26, 2009

Born Insane

Sometimes the people you love they are loyal and true
And sometimes they're waiting to bury the dagger in you

But it all comes down in the end
Enemies lovers and friends
The strangers you meet on the street
And the house you were born insane

Sometimes the things that surround you are shiny and new
And sometimes you worry your things are more happy than you

But it all comes down in the end
Fashion and phases and trends
The gossip you buy that will help you deny
You were born insane

It doesn't matter what you think you know
Or what they told you on the radio
When you go, you gotta go alone
That's all we know about the Great Unknown

Sometimes the things you believe in turn out to be true
And sometimes it's just make believe and the joke is on you

But it all comes down in the end
Jerusalem, Mecca, Stonehenge
The pyramid's tall but it's still gonna fall
We are born insane.

2007 copyright Jeremy David Kaufman, slumberbird music

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