Friday, November 5, 2010

Reincarnation Instant Breakdown

“Dearly beloved,

We wish to welcome back the recently deceased, divested and sifted through ashes and dust. Please squeeze this squirming mass of reignited dendrite-subways into freshly rotten robes.

Now the Spark barrels down the black-lit mindshafts, the thoughts amazed to find themselves home. They hang their hats in disbelief, and breathe in the musty odors of familiar life.

The moment is upon us. He is nearly born.

It is time. Let us praise him:

May his door never be darkened by the shadow of a stranger. May his thoughts never be troubled by the death that came before. May life keep him or reject him, and hold him far away from the truth.


copyright 08/08/09 Jeremy David Kaufman

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